STANDARD ACCESSORIES( TRANSFORMERS): Stainless Steel Rating Plate Filter Valve Oil Temperature Indicator Earthing Terminal Oil Drain Valve Thermometer Pocket Oil Filling Hole Bi/Uni Derectional Dehydrating Breather LV Cable Box Air Release Plug Conservator Explosion Vent Lifting Lugs OTHER ACCESSORIES ON Read More

Potential Transformers

Design of standard instruments, relays or equipment normally does not permit them to be considered directly to the high voltage system. Potential transformers therefore play a key role hereby performing the following functions: 1. For electrically isolating the instrument and Read More

Switches TPMO Isolator

Tilting type isolators are of the vertical opening Single break, Tilting Post type, for use on single & three phase Systems and are designed for sectionalizing purposes and for isolation of associated apparatus. All isolators are supplied complete with supporting Read More

LT Distribution Panel Boards

Our company manufactures aesthetically designed LT Change Over Panel Boards, which are manufactured from CRCA sheets to ensure sturdiness and long life. Our Electrical Panel Boards are also available in customized designed according to customers’ instructions. Power Panel Boards provided Read More

Current Transformer

CURRENT TRANSFORMER A current transformer constitutes the principle measuring device for protection and metering purpose in any power system. The important function of a CT are: To convert a high current value to a lower standard value. To maintain a Read More

CT-PT Combined Unit

CT-PT COMBINED UNIT CT PT combined units are also called metering units.Metering units are used for both indoor/outdoor applications. These units are of dry type or oil immersed. CT-PT COMBINED UNIT CONSISTS OF: 1. 02 nos, or 3 nos, single Read More