Our Company Marshal Enterprises and Marshal Electricals Pvt Ltd were Established In 2002 & 2011 respectively.Over the years our Company has developed capabilities and experience in designing and manufacturing a range of oil filled power and distribution transformers.Our transformers are designed for a range of applications in generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy besides being used for industrial applications, power plants,mining projects and arc furnaces. The range of transformers that we have manufactured and supplied to our customers amongst others include oil filled distribution and power transformers with copper/aluminium windings, hermetically sealed type oil filled distribution transformers, auto transformers, booster transformers, foil wound transformers, arc furnace transformers,step up generator transformers, thyristor duty transformers and pole mounted transformers.Our transformers have passed tests from Government of India’s accredited laboratory for our domestic sales .

Aim / Vision / Mission

Vision and Mission :

Our vision is to make our company the best in class in what to do, and to provide prompt and efficient supply of customized, cost-effective solutions to the different transformer requirements of our customers. We also strive to provide new innovative products and services through continued R & D. The products and services we offer should be comparable to the best in the world, our business process and systems should set a benchmark for others.

Our Mission is to emerge out as a leading manufacturer in the domestic & international market of high quality electrical products, keeping customer satisfaction one of our top most priorities